Shy artists?

schuwOnly few artists seem not to fit in the category “shy people’. What a pity, what a missed opportunity to present art values to the world. Obviously many artists decide that their art performance provides sufficient communication. TEMCAF does understand this and respects the comfort zones of individual artists. But TEMCAF also asks from connected artists their willingness to personally meet their lovers, i.e. collectors. Such ‘art encounters’ may take place in the artist’s environment like their favorite restaurants or café’s.  This is a typical TEMCAF policy adding personal values to otherwise almost anonymous works of art.

Collectors are happily invited to comment on this policy. Are you interested in meeting your favorite artist, before or after becoming owner of an artwork? Are you prepared to travel to his or her domicile and spend a good meal or a couple of drinks with the artist? TEMCAF will be happy to facilitate your encounter and your eventual acquiring of art work.

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