Our belief

TEMCAF believes that:

  • The arts market deserves more transparency
  • Upcoming artists deserve better entrance opportunities
  • Commercial margins can be significantly lower
  • Art must primarily be driven by fascination, not by money

A believe for all?

TEMCAF will be an open source platform where art can be discovered, discussed, admired, exposed . Selectivity is a core value: only art works that have timeless value will be admitted. TEMCAF offers the expertise to judge artists, works and collections. TEMCAF gives unknown genuine talents a profile, a podium, an audience of art lovers.

Selectivity also characterizes the members of TEMCAF: all share the same love for modern and contemporary art, all act by high ethical standards.

For established collectors making profit is no longer a key issue. Their interest shifts to caring for their collections, especially when the time comes that their personal commitment must end. TEMCAF can assist them and their heirs to secure the added value of their collections by optimized reallocating.

These collectors may also embrace the TEMCAF initiative to pave the way for upcoming artists. They can actively support TEMCAF without disclosing their identity. Along with selectivity comes discretion.