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TEMCAF offers memberships to any party that wishes to link with the platform. Members have a choice to remain anonymous or go public. Every admission of works and members is due to a brief selection, as to keep standards of quality and integrity high.

Member services include:

  • providing expertise and second opinions about single works
  • presenting works and artists by our commercial partner  Collarta
  • intermediating between sellers and buyers, based upon discretion
  • establishing direct contacts between artists and collectors
  • acting as an oracle for any questions re modern & contemporary arts
  • advizing re the compilation and optimization of portfolio’s, exhibitions and building interiors
  • publishing printed catalogues presenting works of members
  • presenting highly talented new artists and their works


Selected works will be shown by Collarta for free. Galleries pay a minor admin fee to present their special offers.

Upcoming artists applying for a membership will be selected upon their potential. Once admitted they will contribute in kind during their membership. TEMCAF can act as their representative on the arts market but never on an exclusive basis.

All other members will be asked for a small annual membership fee, although donations or legacies are also welcome.

Parties supporting the TEMCAF initiative  but not interested in a membership are welcome to discuss the benefits of sponsoring.


TEMCAF offices are temporarily located in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

When you can’t wait for TEMCAF to find you, feel free to contact TEMCAF:

MAIL:   PHONE: + 31 6 50 61 62 99

Or leave a reply below, by us you will be seen but not shown!

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