TEMCAF is a european non-profit organization (in formation), initiated in 2015 by a small group of individual experts in modern and contemporary arts. In a fast changing arts world they felt the need to create an online podium with low entrance barriers for young talents, old talents and parties that wish to find an alternative for the rigid patterns that characterize the arts sector. TEMCAF has a strong belief: Love for art lasts longer than money from art.

Whenever TEMCAF receives a modest fee for bringing parties together, substantial parts of it will be dedicated:

  • 7% to the One Drop initiative, caring for sustainable access to safe water
  • 7% to an organization caring for youth education in the 3rd world
  • 7% to a forum caring for ethics in the world of arts
  • 7% to a special TEMCAF fund caring for the needs of artists

Within TEMCAF a committee of experts will seriously examine each application for admission, help or advise. But TEMCAF also initiates funding in areas that are regarded as challenges for the future of modern and contemporary art.